Sarah Merrifield

The human face has fascinated me since the first portrait I drew of my father at the age of seven. Drawing was part of my life. At home, I had water colours whilst at school I remember lustreless poster paints but beyond the age of 13 there were no art classes in any formal way.

At nineteen, I taught myself to paint with oils, staying up into the early hours to do so. Whilst living in Spain, I sold a few pictures but then work and family demanded more attention. I always drew people when I could, whether in restaurants, at meetings, or when philospher friends would come to discuss things with my husband.

It wasn’t until 2016 that a friend persuaded me to do a masterclass at LARA (London Atelier of Representational Art) that I realised what I wished to do with the remains of my life.

I am grateful to those who have influenced me from Rembrandt to Titian for their use of light, Jack Fallensby and Audrey Lonn for their portraits and seascapes, to Jeremy Gale who inspired freedom of form, Judith Way for appreciation of detail and observation, and finally Angela Lord who brings about a profound understanding of colour.





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