Lila Stern-Shewry

Lila Stern-Shewry, Artist, Jeweller, Designer, Pianist, Mystic, Consultant in Astrology, Human Design and Tarot.

Lila has BA in Philosophy and Literature, studied Art and Acting in Tel Aviv.

Studied Gold and Silversmith in Jerusalem. Commended by the Goldsmith on her Ring “The Flower Nest Ring”. Designed for Tomas Starzewski Jewellery for his Evening Wear for London Fashion Week.

Celebrities that have Lila’s jewellery:

Joan Baez,

Tori Amos,

Minnie Driver,

Julie Waters,

Dr Beatrice Lafon,

The Duchess of Richmond Susan March,

Nimmy March, the daughter of the Duchess of Richmond.

Tomas Starzewski.

Lila’s exhibiting her work at The Bazaar in Forest Row

For any inquiries:

Please contact Lila:

Phone or text: 07950582543