I am a ceramist, producing garden figures from clay slip. Highly original, produced in my Sussex workshop.
Moulds gifted to me by former producer, Nedus Ltd Merstham Surrey.


Martin Ash

I am a representational painter of a wide range of subjects in oils, pastels and watercolours. I try to capture the beauty of the natural world and, in particular, the human form and portrait. My paintings are in a number of collections in the USA, Canada, Australia & the UK.

Commissions are undertaken in any subject.

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Ken Banfield

I run a drop-in drawing group in the Forest Row area doing both life and dance studies. Most of my own work is done there and is primarily in soft pastel or pencil, celebrating the beauty of line and form.


Sarah Merrifield

There never was a time when Sarah didn’t enjoy drawing people, even from the age of seven, but had no formal training as it was not considered a suitable career. At the age of 19 she taught herself to paint in oils and sold a few paintings while living in Spain, until work, marriage and family took over. It was not until after she had retired from teaching and keeping horses when she was persuaded to do a master class in portraiture at LARA that she knew what she will do with the remains of her life. To discover and portray the inner quality of a human is a privilege, when a dignitary or a displaced.

Don Collishaw

I work mainly in Acrylic and I like to explore the interaction of colours, whether in figurative or abstract paintings.


Jane Moore – I have been painting Portraits and doing other decorative art works for most of my working life.My speciality is in capturing the individual spirit, as well as physical likeness of the subject. This is expected in good Portraiture but I think it spills over into my wildlife and animal art too. 


Nicola Tupholme, BA

Nicola is a versatile, lively artist with the good traditional training of a B.A. first class honours degree. Working in all types of media, enjoying oils, watercolours, pastels, murals, photos etc. she has produced many exciting artworks well, for the last 20 years.