Go Wild in Ashdown Exhibition

Friday 17 November-Sunday 19th November 2017

Peter Griffits Hall(Small Hall) The Square Forest Row

Opening Times: Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 12 noon-5pm.

Ashdown Arts, established since the end of 2009, are a group of professional and semi-professional artists based in and around Forest Row, East Sussex.The artists create outstanding contemporary fine art, crafts, photography and sculpture. The group has been instrumental in bringing together artists and artisans of all disciplines from the community and encourages emerging artists to exhibit locally and further afield. Come and join us, with interesting and stimulating future events in the community.Enjoy our site!

News in Brief

ART MARKET in Maidstone on Saturday 30 September 2017.John Woodberry
Director – Making Art Work. For further information: visit artmarketme14.wordpress.comCLOSING DATE for entries in Lingfield Art Exhibition, 21st September 2017email farmerkj@btinternet.com


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The Ashdown Artists and Artisans live in Forest Row and the surrounding area and are dedicated to their creativity. Some work as full time artists/artisans while others create alongside jobs or families.

The annual exhibition enables each member a chance to show their creations to the community in a well presented show. Other projects and smaller groups exhibit during the year in venues ranging from London, Brighton and closer to home.

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Ashdown Arts is excited to be part of the Forest Row Festival this year as it allows us to really connect to the village spirit and not just be a standalone event.

We have an eclectic mix of artists ranging from the renowned Ursula Stone, Vanessa Dell, Rosie Birtwhistle, to fine sculpture, exquisite crafts, or if you would like an amazing portrait done of human or animal, then look out for Martin Ash, Ken Banfield or Gill Bustamante…


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Ashdown Artists/Artisans Exhibiting at the Forest Row Festival 2012 – As seen in the slide show above:

Martin Ash, Ken Banfield, Gill Bustamante, Sarah Charlton, Steven Cox, Vanessa Dell, Bronwen Emerson, Alex Florschutz, Heather Goodwin, Eve Maria Kelly, Adele King, Jane Indigo Moore, Roshwitha Spence, Lila Stern-Shewry, Andy Stern-Shewry, Ursula Stone, Nicola Tupholme, Steve Walton, Chris West, Clara Ines Zapata.

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Watch the video (left) about what we do and where we came from.


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